Due to the current covid situation, all live events are currently suspended.

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Live Events

Event 1

15 November 2019

Being the first event held by our foundation the entire team was under tremendous stress peppered with excitement and anxiousness. During the event, we could feel the enthusiasm and happiness radiating from the elderly. It became the supporting wheel of the entire event boosting our team confidence. We were given an hour to perform however, due to positive interaction and engagement it went on for an ADDITIONAL 45 minutes. The number of senior
citizens present were 25.


  1. Singing Uncle: His impromptu karaoke session acted as a cherry on a top of
    the cake.
  2. Receiving “Thank You Card”: The thank you card by the dear gentlemen filled
    our heart with immense gratitude. These small tokens of love however small
    made us and our event feel big!

Event 2

16 December 2019

Our second event had a different setting where the old age home housed not more than 15 people with the best of facilities available for them. It felt like a small and a private event. We got an active participation from the elderly, clapping to the tunes of classic retro songs sung by our talented inhouse artists. We even had an unofficial karaoke session ensuring that everyone from the audience engages in our event. The biggest addition we had to this event was our videography team who successfully managed to capture every bit of emotion during that event. We left the room an hour later as per instructions with another beautiful experience to remember.


  1. The elderly clapping in sync to encourage our singer who had forgotten the
    lyrics of a song.
  2. Receiving a wonderful memento from the owners in the form of a stylish cup.

Event 3

21 January 2020

This was our third and biggest event yet. We expected a crowd of 50 and more people. Our governor and executive board members were knee deep in planning this event and leaving no lose ends. We got a chance to go bigger this event by adding a –

  1. Technical Team
  2. Videography Team
  3. Interview Team
  4. 25+ volunteers


  1. An old lady making fun of our pianist because he had a weird hairstyle.
  2. A 99 years old lady who left the event midway because it was her time to
    go walk and exercise

Event 4

1 October 2020

ASF’s 4th event, specially during a lockdown!

We were thrilled to have hosted an event on the occasion of the International Day of Older persons in collaboration with 16 other rotoract clubs based in Mumbai. We organised an event at BHN Healthcare located in Mira Road.

We conducted a session of dance therapy and Khushi Bhalaria sang songs for all our lovely senior people!

Members visiting from our NGO had taken utmost care and all the necessary precautions before the event.

It was a day filled with great joy, shared smiles and sweet memories! Indeed our pleasure!