We’re a recently started NGO based in Mumbai focusing on the mental health of Senior Citizens. For us, the idea is to grow better and contribute more – toward society, but mostly toward our elders!

Through this initiative, we aim to widen our reach and spread awareness. Your small bit in our progress means providing a hand to many more elders!

We take pride in bringing to you a series of monthly articles focusing on events in and around the country, and, more importantly, how the same has affected the elderly in society. We hope you find this article in good health during the unprecedented COVID-19.

It has been an extremely uplifting year for Aapka Sahara Foundation as we conducted a series of events, to bring joy around us, through this pandemic that engulfs us. We bring to you a series of newsletters focused on bringing about the prime objective of ASF, Psychological Development and also to share the beautiful journey we go through as citizens of the country, and more importantly, as grandchildren and sons and daughters to these senior citizens. As we grow bigger, we wish for you to be a part too and help us along the way. Aapki khushi is indeed humari khushi !

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