The sad reality

The history of mental health begins from the time of human existence. It’s sad that the deserved recognition started recently. The emphasis on physical health has been more because of the tangibility the body possesses. Just because the mind came across abstract things, it has been neglected for centuries. The soul is not visible but still it’s the driving force of the body, the breath is invisible, still we cannot exist one minute without it. It’s high time that we understand that the balance between mental and physical health completes the criteria of a healthy individual.

What is the Grow in India Initiative?

Grow in India focuses on fine tuning the emotional efficiency by training the mind and its potential.

How are we planning to implement this?

There are many programmes that are specially designed to cater to the mental health requirements of the current generation. Facilitating group consciousness helps bring the change faster.

Future Prospects.

We are looking to create awareness among masses with many self- help, personality development and awareness workshops.

Amanpreet Nagpal

Pooja Punjabi